Go to sleep, mom. [NE 062]

This episode is an audio permission slip to GO TO SLEEP, MOM.

When you’re feeling tired and cranky, or maybe a bit mentally foggy and slooowwww…

When you’re reaching for caffeine to make it through the afternoon or staying up way beyond everyone else’s bedtime to squeeze in extra work (or Netflix, let’s be honest)…

Consider, perhaps, that a bit more sleep could do you good.

[Note: This ep is for moms who have reasonable control over their bedtimes. Staying up late because of habits we can totally change. Moms with newborns or babies not sleeping through the night – listen at your own risk. I know it’s annoying to hear people talk about sleep as if it’s a simple CHOICE. How could we ever take it for granted?? Save this episode for when you have the privilege of taking it for granted too. Then, go the eff to sleep. Love you mean it.]

In this ep, I share my own battle with the “sleep when baby sleeps” advice, how napping can qualify as a $10,000 / hour activity in my book, and a few tricks (high and low tech) that I’ve been trying to help increase both the quality AND quantity of my sleep this year.

Take a listen, give it a go, and as always – let me know your fave takeaway by taking a screenshot (or a selfie as you listen) + tagging me on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown with #naptimeempires.

I’ll meet you there!




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