How to Make Time for Life Stuff [NE 046]

This episode was inspired by the loooong list of “personal” to dos that I’ve carried with me for several months since moving back to Texas from Hawaii.

You know — the to-dos you write down week after week, month after month, because you know they’re air quotes important and you really SHOULD sit down to just do the thing:

Schedule a dentist appointment. Schedule a dermatologist appointment. Schedule a mammogram. (Do your own self breast exam!) Contact the Apple store. Order those lightbulbs.

In this ep I share a handful of my own personal to do items that have finally graduated to the “done” (or at least “scheduled”) pile in my brain.

(They’ve graduated because I wanted to be able to report that to you in this VERY episode. How meta.)

If you’ve had at least ONE simple yet meaningful personal to do haunting you for way too long, listen in and grab a shot of inspo so you can throw your own personal to-do-to-done graduation party this week.

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