Permission to Unplug [NE 007]

Let’s talk newsfeeds.

If you’re anything like me, if you’re not careful (mindful), you can waste minutes (hours?) in a given day or week SCROLLING mindlessly through updates that make absolutely NO significant impact on your quality of life.

I challenged myself to ONE blissful social media free weekend in 2016 – one night at a time.

Over the course of the weekend, I read a hard cover book (Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic – highly recommend it!), part of a digi-book, and thoroughly enjoyed focusing on being PRESENT.

It was strange to note the urge to take a pic “just to share it” rather than to have it for my little fam’s memories one day.

For the past few weekends I’ve gone social media free again – and, while not for everybody or for every weekend… I gotta say: I love it.

I love the challenge of finding OTHER things to do with my time. Ways to fill my cup and enjoy my fam, my me time, or SHOOTS – even sleep!

That’s what’s on deck in this quick episode.


– Do you ever feel like you were swallowed by the internet when you started your biz?
– A *brief* discussion on the light + dark of social media
– How some of my most successful friends leverage time on vs. off screen
– A simple challenge to ditch the news feeds and enjoy the world around you with your own eyeballs




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