It’s okay to take a break. [NE 050]

In this episode I’m asking you to get HONEST about the why, where, what, when, and how of your online presence.

In Permission to Unplug [NE 007] I shared ahas from my social-media free weekends, and that was more about CONSUMPTION. In this ep we’re talking more about creation.

Behind the scenes I see so many biz owners questioning if they should take a break from the internet – step away for a little bit (for a baby, for a holiday, for ANY reason), feeling fear that they’ll be forgotten if they honor that nudge.

#spoileralert: there’s no one right answer but this is YOUR LIFE and every day matters, so you gotta get clear on YOUR answer.

In this thinking-out-loud solo ep, I talk about why I think *most autoresponders are unnecessary, why you don’t need to apologize for shifting how and when you show up online, and how your truest dream clients + customers will love you even MORE for how you show up for yourself (because you’re showing that it’s possible for them too).

I love this convo. If you decide you’re not taking a total internet break, find me online to share your fave ahas. In the playground on FB or on Insta.

Remember: YOU’RE THE BOSS.




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