Episode 003 Naptime Empires

On Mom Guilt and Martyrdom [NE 003]

The resistance was real on Episode 003.

I got 000-002 DONESKIS, then put allllll this pressure on little ol’ 003.

“This has to be symbolic and foreshadow allll the future solo shows I’m gonna do for this podcast, blah blah” >> BULLHONKY.

I finally released myself from that pressure and gave myself permission to just GO with what came up.

“What came up” was a simple decision to listen to episode ONE of Liz Gilbert’s (amazing) Magic Lessons podcast on my way home from the beach with B-man.

She was coaching a mom who was struggling to find guilt-free time to nurture her own creations and shared this quote from author AS Byatt:

“I think of writing simply in terms of pleasure. It’s the most important thing in my life, making things…Much as I love my husband and my children, I love them only because I am the person who makes these things.”

BOOM. There’s the discussion for 003: Mom guilt and martyrdom.

After reading through hundreds of stories, fears, hopes, and frustrations from my fellow #naptimeempires builders, I saw an instant pattern:

We all want to do – be – have – give more.

My first thought? We need to lower the freakin’ bar, ladies.

(Doesn’t that inspire you to greatness??)

For real though.

There’s no sneaky secret here.

There’s no five-step system for building an awesome Naptime Empire™.

I don’t have a shortcut, or think it’s easy breezy – but I DO know it’s worth exploring.

You and me, sister.

Let’s take a vow to remind each other that even on the days when we feel like the WORST moms in the world, quite honestly – we’re doing just fine.


– Permission to define “having it all” for yourself
– Getting clear on how you want to FEEL as a mom – wife – biz owner – WOMAN.
– Recognizing the junk stories / limiting beliefs we tell ourselves
– The danger of modeling martyrdom (another gem via Liz Gilbert)
– Permission to CREATE
– The flip side of this #momguilt coin (i.e. what “feeling bad” is really telling us)




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