How to Appreciate Where You Are NOW [NE 052]

In this ep I share a simple reframe that’s been helping me appreciate the current moment(s) more. As opposed to arm-wrestling them, stomping my feet and asking “why isn’t X happening yet?” in my most obnoxious whiney voice. LIFE SKILLS.

Have a listen and give it a go – then tag me in your Instastory @nikkielledgebrown with your fave aha!




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A couple of nights ago I set out to buy a suitcase for our upcoming trip to Alaska. . Found the suitcase instantly. Squirreled to the $10 sunglasses – YES. . As I headed back to shop for my tall drink o' 6yo water, this cute pair of jeans caught my eye. . I grabbed them in a size I'd consider "rounding up." . A size I haven't bought since college. (Love you, @tcu dining options!) . I didn't try the jeans on in the store (mostly because I’d awkwardly propped all my items onto the aforementioned suitcase + logistics were unstable), but I tried them on when I got home and YOU KNOW WHAT, TEAM? . They fit SO WELL. . And they made me feel SO GOOD. . So good that I've worn them two days in a row – when I've spent most of the last year in either sweatpants, "workout" pants, or my fave comfy dresses. . If I've worn jeans in the past year, they've been so tight that I’ve unbuttoned them as soon as I sat down. Even enlisted the ol’ pregnancy trick – using a rubberband to make a second loop. YEP. . WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? . These jeans. They are magical. . They're magical because they're cute (+ a great value) but MOSTLY they're magical because they’ve reminded me of a meaningful life lesson I’m learning over and over again. . Even and especially if it's not exactly where you "want" to be: . APPRECIATE WHERE YOU ARE. . Physically. Geographically. Emotionally. Energetically. . Appreciate where you ARE. now. and now. and now. . You look RIGHT over your current reality's head with a wandering eye like "yeah cool but what about WHEN X happens, or Y is here, or Z is the norm?" . And you know what? That’s messed up. . Because now is HERE with its own gifts to offer. . NOW is LIFE. Literally. . And assuming you're lucky enough to have more NOWs on the way: . NOW is the bridge that will take you to them. . NOW is what makes THEN possible. . So give it a go. . Consciously decide to appreciate where you are now. . TRUST where you are now. . Let NOW show you what it needs to show you. . Trust that now knows what's up. . Appreciate where you are now, and before you know it, you'll remember that NOW is actually where you've always wanted to be.✨

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