Divine Breadcrumbs: The Path to Ease-y Money™ [NE 015]

In this ep I share the power of noticing the divine breadcrumbs in your life – the nudges, feedback, words of encouragement, etc. that point DIRECTLY to your zone of genius.

Your unique brand o’ magic.

I also share the scoop on the game-changing work that’s been helping me get my GROOVE back and reconnect with the me that I’ve unconsciously put on “mute” for, oh, most of my adult life.

(#spoileralert: it’s the work I’ve done w Susan Ferraro and the links are below)

If you’re tired of being tired / annoyed / drained by your work / LIFE, do yourself a fave and listen in to this one.


What the heezy I mean by “divine breadcrumbs”
How I finally SAW the path I was always meant to take
The decision I made that cut off circulation to my *full* potential
The divine dinner roll that flew right at me on a recent livestream (hint: starts with B ends with -ook)
The life-changing work I’ve been doing with my friendtor Susan Ferraro



“Doing something bigger wasn’t an option anymore; it was an inevitability.”
“Imagine a world where we’re literally all showing up, doing the work that we were created and designed to do.”
“I focused so much on what I was going to do that was going to make me money that I forgot to include all of me”
“Whether you choose to see them or not, (divine breadcrumbs) are there, and they have always been there.”
You are the value. You deserve to be able to make money, in a way that feels free”


NOTE: Some of these are affiliate links because Suze will send me a THANKS, NIK! commish if you decide EZ$ is right for you. I shared before she even had an aff program and would share anyway. But again – ease-y money can be a thing. What’s easier than sharing stuff you love and getting a monetary thanks for doing it? 🙂

ALSO – this program isn’t right for everybody, so #ofcourse – no worries if you don’t mix with her style. I personally adore how freely expressive she is. #nofiltergoals


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