Why I’m Obsessed with Journaling (+ You May Be Too) [NE 037]

In this ep I’m doing my best to peer pressure you into starting (or re-starting) a regular journaling practice because IT’S FREAKING POWERFUL and easy and basically free.

Doesn’t have to be fancy or formal. Doesn’t have to take even 10 minutes a day. Or FIVE.

(But seriously, if you’re telling yourself you don’t have five quiet minutes a day you’re either lying or not spending enough time hiding in the bathroom. No judgment. I speak from experience. ha)

Need prompts? Write about what you want. What you’re thankful for. What you’re unsure about. What you’re excited about.

Write it in PRESENT (or even past) tense, like it’s already happening / already happened.

Write about your visions for your self – body, spirit, energy. Your relationships – romantic, friendships, motherhood. Your work – your creativity,  your money, your definition of success. Your home. Your lifestyle. Your legacy.


For bonus points, after you’ve written it, read it out loud in a voice memo and listen to it any time you need a pick me up (it’s like you’re verbally hitchhiking to your future).

Ask your future self questions.

What do I need to know right now?
How did we overcome X?
What’s the next right step for me?

NOTE: At this snapshot in time I am REALLY into passing notes back and forth between my future self + my today self.

I’m gonna record an audio visualization / meditation so I can arrange the chat *exactly* as I’d like to experience it. If something like that (or more info on journaling) is of interest to you, TAG ME and let me know on FB, Instagram, or by replying to any of my emails. I could use a little peer pressure to finish and put it out there 😉

In the meantime – enjoy the ep, and for the love:

Give yourself the gift of testing out a journaling practice and see what bubbles up.

I think you may surprise yourself. <3




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