Alexia Vernon on Overcoming Post-Partum Depression [NE 024]

Branded a “Moxie Maven” by the White House Office of Public Engagement, Alexia Vernon is a women’s leadership speaker and a speaking coach to executives, startup founders, entrepreneurs, authors, and change agents. As a speaker, Alexia has spoken for Fortune 500 companies, at prestigious industry events like INBOUND and at the United Nations during the Commission on the Status of Women.

Alexia’s clients have similarly spoken on some sexy stages, including at the World Domination Summit, Transformational Leadership Council, Entrepreneurs Organization, World Bank, and on TEDx stages around the world. Alexia is also the creator of the Your Spotlight Talk virtual speaking program and the Spotlight Speakers Collective, a high-level mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to use speaking to radically and positively grow their businesses and build their platforms.


I feel like I could (and DO) say this for at least half of my guests for Season 1:

Lex and I first met online through FB – various mom + entrepreneur groups, THEN we met briefly in person in Vegas at the 90 Day Year event.

We really connected last year when she reached out with an email sharing a nugget of wisdom she’d gathered from Natalie MacNeil – about how sometimes it seems like the multi-six-figure range can sometimes feel like the loneliest place to be.

Not a beginner, not yet where you “want” to be… you know. Biz puberty.

We scheduled a Skype call to connect in real-time, and once we hopped on, I realized “HEY – we could make this a #naptimeempires episode!” So we did.

And I’m so glad. Because I KNOW this conversation will serve so many women.


  • How she shifted from 1:1 hustle-and-launch mode to a more leveraged, predictable biz model
  • Feeling total defeat after not having the birth she had planned
  • Her story of experiencing post-partum depression for six weeks after her daughter’s birth
  • What she did to plan / babyproof her business (+ what she would’ve done differently looking back)
  • The ups and downs of launching her first digital course (+ the pitfalls of the comparison game)
  • A bit of my own 2016 story – feeling BLANK / detached from my business
  • How getting help + support is literally the opposite of weak. #bringthevillageback
  • Tips for managing time and expectations *realistically* and prioritizing your revenue-makers
  • The rundown on what her virtual team does for her business
  • The value in being thoughtfully honest with your audience (when you feel like hiding)


“…all I could think about was how desperately I wanted to go back to work because I felt successful doing that and I felt like such a failure as a mom.”

“When you have less time, do fewer things for the world and just monetize the stuff that’s working.”

“It takes serious ovaries to say, ‘I’ve built a successful business, and I’m also going through some STUFF, and I know that I’m not alone.’”


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