Real Talk on Biz Baby Blues [NE 019]

If you’ve been feeling down about your business since bringing a new human onto the scene, my hope is that listening to this ep will help you feel more normal.

BONUS POINTS if it inspires you to give yourself some credit and grace (rest / exploration / introspection / fresh air / chocolate as needed too).

In this one I (candidly) share the emotional rollercoaster that was my business mindset in 2016. I was on top of the world in December (in my final weeks of pregnancy), but come January / February – I was in a surprisingly dark and disconnected space, with little to no desire to work on OR in my business.

I share how that played out in the early stages of Naptime Empires™, the impact it had on my launches / overall energy, and how I’m slowly but surely coming back to ME, finding a way to move forward in a way I’m *genuinely* excited about.

Give yourself time, space, and some great friends who GET IT, and you certainly will too.



“For me it wasn’t a disconnect with my baby, it was a disconnect with my business.”

“Trust that your own intuition is you wisest advisor.”

“I wondered, ‘Am I even an entrepreneur? Like, what is the definition of an entrepreneur; is that even me? Am I an imposter?’”

“I wish instead of fighting myself for all of 2016 I would have just let myself be still and just BE in that space.”

“Take a good, honest look at what’s going on and assess your needs.”



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