Denise Duffield-Thomas on Boundaries, Beliefs, and Babyproofing Your Business [NE 010]

** B-word disclaimer: As you’ll see below, Denise is creator of the brand (now formerly known as) Lucky [bee eye tee see H], so #naturally, this post + ep contain the B-word. If you’ve got little eyes and ears around, earmuff according to your personal preferences. **

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books Lucky B*tch and Get Rich, Lucky B*tch give a fresh and funny roadmap to create an outrageously successful life and business. Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances.

Denise is an award winning speaker, author, entrepreneur, and Aussie mum of two who helps women transform their economy-class money mindset into a first-class life.


Yet another FB connection, man – it’s so underestimated 😉 My first foray into Denise’s work was reading her book Get Rich Lucky B (aff link) in 2013. Reading the book totally changed the way I viewed money and allllllll my stories around it.

Didn’t know BLOCKS were a thing – besides writer’s block, rolled my eyes at #abundance and such, but as they say: it’s only “woo” till you understand it.

Since then I joined her money bootcamp – which I HIGHLY recommend! – gotten to know her through various groups – and we’ll finally get to meet in real life on NECKER ISLAND of all places later this year. Talk about Lucky Bee huh?

Denise is the queen of batching and max efficiency.

You’ll love hearing how she prepped her business for babies and manages a true “chillionaire” lifestyle while growing her empire with intention.


  • How prepping for her first child inspired Denise to step up as the real CEO of her business
  • Permission to opt out of mom guilt + be the kind of mom (mum ;)) that you ARE
  • The power of SIMPLIFYING (+ the tale of her zombie movie that never made it to production)
  • How she manages boundaries as the leader of a thriving online community
  • Tips for speaking to kids about money (LOVE these tips — check her workshop linked below!)
  • How she and her husband have made the transition to working together


“Having kids makes you an efficient goddess.”
“The baby was theoretical to me, whereas that (business) call was real to me.”
“Being a mom is being human, and it doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur!”


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*many of these are affiliate links, meaning if you click + eventually sign up for one of DDT’s programs, she may send me a “thanks for introducing us, Nik!” commish. Love her work. If you enjoy this interview, safe to say you will too.



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