The Pregnant Pause: How to Come Back After a Break [NE 060]

If you’ve ever gone a week, a month, a YEAR without posting in your “regular” schedule and you’ve felt a bit shamey or awkward about stepping back onto the field – this one’s for you.

In this episode I unpack my own process for coming back from my most recent (three month) podcast break.

I share the fears and guilty shamey thoughts that creep in, the overwhelm of deciding which topic to choose (there are so manyyyyy, hence the “pregnant” pause!), how to reframe so you can feel genuinely GRATEFUL for the break, and how to stack up the benefits to inspire yourself into aligned action again.

There are also some mentions of how my jeweler helped me learn this lesson, a sweet memory of how and when the idea for #naptimeempires first came into my consciousness, and an exciting announcement about where we go from here.

As always – let me know your fave takeaway by taking a screenshot (or a selfie as you listen) + tagging me on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown with #naptimeempires.

I’ll meet you there!




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