The Gift of Mom Guilt [NE 054]

Mom guilt gets a bad wrap.

^^ I didn’t write that as a “gift” pun… but it’s actually perfect. Because in this ep I’m speaking to the GIFT(s) of mom guilt.

Specifically, I’m sharing a helpful reframe that’s really shifted my view of it this year.

(And how I see it differently now than I did when I recorded my first solo ep of this very podcast – On Mom Guilt and Martyrdom).

I offer up the idea of seeing mom guilt (any guilt, and really any emotion) as valuable feedback.

Instead of hot-potato’ing our way out of uncomfortable emotions, what happens if we see them as teachers and opportunities to evaluate + recalibrate?

I also share a simple (not easy, but SIMPLE) exercise that has helped me take the sting out of guilt so I can GET to the point of seeing the lesson.

There’s always a benefit if we’re willing to look hard enough.

Have a listen and tag me in your Instastory @nikkielledgebrown with your fave aha!




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