BFFs and Bookity Books: Creative Cocoon Life with Jadah Sellner [NE 081]

In this super-special book mode episode, my Polly Pocket BFF* Jadah Sellner and I invite you behind the scenes to join us for a convo on pretty much ALL THE THINGS. (*we were born in the 80s and basically audio livestream our days to each other via the Voxer app, hence Polly Pocket)

If you haven’t met her yet, Jadah’s the star of NE episode SIX and I’ve been on her Lead with Love podcast a couple times too. She’s an author, speaker, coach, and one of my favorite humans. In this dual-podcast convo (recorded days after our most recent friend trip to Austin and Waco!), we cover a lot of ground, including but not limited to:

  • the path to traditional book deals (she’s working on her second traditionally published book now!)
  • practices for mindful + intuitive decision-making
  • the power of friends who KNOW you
  • managing fam expectations around biz + work time
  • maintaining stamina while working on manuscript(s)
  • #pomqueens: the power of the pomodoro technique
  • navigating life, loss, AND time-sensitive creative projects
  • challenges of having two parents at home (my active duty spouse self would roll her eyes SO HARD)
  • sQuad trip origin stories – making time for fruitful *in person* friendship as women with full plates
  • behind-the-scenes shares on our homework assignments, packing habits, and unique travel styles
  • our ever-changing relationship(s) with visibility, privacy, social media and creative expression — and how we ended up discussing this with author Liz Gilbert
  • and more, more, more.

Take a listen here or in your preferred pod player and as always – let us know your fave takeaway by taking a screenshot (or a selfie) as you listen + tagging us on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown and @jadahsellner with #naptimeempires and #leadwithlove.

We’ll meet you there!



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