Change in Plans [NE 078]

Once upon a time (at the start of summer 2021) I launched season four: BOOK MODE with the intention of tracking my journey to self-publishing. Then my friends came to town and shook that ish up.

In this episode I’ll share why we’ve had a CHANGE IN PLANS over here, why it feels a bit scary to admit that out loud and in published form, AND what that means for coming episodes.

Musings include, but are not limited to:

  • why I originally went down the self-publishing path
  • behind-the-scenes of a (probably life-changing?) late night summer sQuad convo
  • the power of finding one clear, inclusive goal that makes all your other micro-goals inevitable stepping stones (repeatedly)
  • why I’m a bit nervous to publish this episode 🙂
  • a simple yet super powerful exercise for more mindFULL, intuitive decision making
  • a detailed list o’ the benefits and drawbacks I *currently* see to both traditional and self-publishing paths – subject to change as I gather more actual experience!

Take a listen here or in your preferred pod player and as always – let me know your fave takeaway by taking a screenshot (or a selfie) as you listen + tagging me on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown with #naptimeempires.

I’ll meet you there!


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