Suzy Ashworth on Mindset, Messaging, and The Calm Birth Experience [NE 043]

Suzy Ashworth is a mindset and messaging coach, Hay House author, TEDx Speaker and founder of The Calm Birth School, the world’s first video based hypnobirthing program. As a mindset mentor, Suzy supports women through her flagship program The Limitless Life Experience to work with more intention, to create more impact and income in the world.

She and her husband Jerome are based in the UK with their four kiddos.


I originally met Suzy thanks to previous NE guest, Denise Duffield Thomas (NE 010). Back in 2015 I was pregnant and on a manifesting ROLL.

(From winning the “first hug” lotto for my husband’s deployment homecoming to a bigger house super close to our twin-laws in Hawaii, all that was left on my list was to manifest an amazing second birth experience, ideally a VBAC.)

I shared my mani-wins in Denise’s Money Bootcamp group, someone tagged Suzy in, and the rest is history. Truly can’t imagine that last month of my pregnancy (or our VBAC experience) without her in my earbuds – LOVED and felt so empowered throughout the whole thing.

Suzy’s got a GIFT and if you’re pregnant or would love to be any time soon or if you have a FRIEND currently preggo – send her the link to this episode and all of Suzy’s info.

That said – her work goes far beyond babies + birthing. We’ll get into that too 🙂


  • What sparked Suzy to build her business (with kiddos afoot)
  • What hypnobirthing really means, how it can help the process, and why there isn’t one “right” way to give birth
  • The role of mindset in each new chapter / evolution of her biz
  • How Suzy knew she was growing, but her message hadn’t caught up with her (yet)…
  • The shifts she made towards working during the day (+ how that shifted their fam dynamic)
  • Why Suzy loves in-person experiences so much and how she’s now helping others with her live retreats
  • What her new program is all about, and why she decided to give herself permission to move on from her past successes


How can you incorporate more OFFLINE experiences in your life + biz?

Which piece(s) of your biz are you ready to release / move on from, if any?


“As soon as I had this new life growing inside of me, I knew that I wanted to role model being able to create and live the life of my dreams.”

“It’s just part of my nature that when you tell me that I can’t do something, I’m really like, why not?”

“I knew I didn’t want to give up, but I knew that I needed to tweak things if it was going to work for me on a long-term basis.”

“I am much more focused on really helping people cultivate a mindset for success, and then you layer the strategy piece on top.”

“To actually be seen is such a powerful thing.”


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