Sarah Ashman on Branding Outside of the Box [NE 058]

Sarah Ashman is the founder of Public Persona, a small brand consultancy and creative studio focused on helping entrepreneurs and influencers uplevel their business, elevate their influence, and increase their perceived value through their brands.

She has over 17 years of experience as a brand strategist, creative director and art director for influencers, thought-leaders, and big businesses such as Nike, Apple, Mercedes Benz, and Estée Lauder, developing and creating compelling and cohesive brand campaigns that are memorable and attract attention.


Sarah was one of my first clients back in 2013 and I quickly turned right back around to become one of HERS. It was a cold October night in 2013 and I’d spent WAY too much time thinking about my blog post images (of all things) and I sent her an SOS over FB messenger. The rest is history.

We ended up having WAY TOO MUCH FUN together creating visuals for my own brand – years later collaborated again for #naptimeempires visual identity.

Sarah is to visuals as I am to words. That is to say – SHE’S BRILLIANT 😛

The way she pieces visuals together is unlike anyone I know – I so appreciate how her brain works.


  • how the transition to motherhood is going for her (her little guy Lucas was 10 months old at the time had this convo)
  • identity, both in terms of visual branding and life in general
  • the value of having someone you trust to hold up the mirror when you’re getting foggy on what that looks like
  • the value of white space (and how easy it is to take it for granted)
  • how to design your life and business around what you value most in a given season.



Really think about what Sarah said about looking for your brand vs. SEEING your brand. YES. architect vs archaeologist. Connecting the dots. The divine breadcrumbs. The patterns. True to YOU.

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“The transition has been, I feel fairly smooth, but not without some learning curves.”

“For a lot of us, there’s no one that really set the stage or the rules of how we should run our business, what we should do, when we should do it or how we should do it.”

“I didn’t really have the full picture of what life would be like for me on the other side (of motherhood.”

“I realized it’s ok for me to be the behind-the-scenes person, and not the person who’s out there, like my clients.”

“Start to notice those themes you’re seeing pop up over and over again, and those can very much lay the groundwork for a visual identity at least, if not something even deeper, for your brand.”





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