The Power of Real Friendships [NE 048]

I recently returned from a ridiculously amazing trip over the rainbow — back to Hawaii for the first time since moving to Texas one year ago! – and one of my BIGGEST reflections was the reminder that life is SO much better when it’s shared with people we care about.

Motherhood, entrepreneurship, even LIFE in this social media age can feel surprisingly isolating at times.

In this episode I share some of my best practices for attracting + nurturing meaningful friendships – how to find ’em AND how to prioritize ’em.

Your homework for today is to reach out to a buddy who’s on your heart and mind and check in to see how s/he’s doing.

BONUS points if you plan a lunch / dinner / weekend to get together for some face-to-face friend time.

As one who’s still riding the wave of love and friend time even a week after returning home, lemme tell you: the potential ROI is infinite.


Then tag me @nikkielledgebrown once y’all have made a date 😉




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