Melanie Duncan on What it REALLY Takes to Design Your Dream Empire [NE 016]

Melanie Duncan is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated businesses in a variety of industries from apparel to customized home decor. Starting with little experience, Melanie took her first business from the brink of failure and turned it into a multimillion-dollar brand by embracing modern marketing techniques – and she’s never looked back. She now runs multiple seven-figure empire with her husband, Devin, and lives the “work from wherever” lifestyle that so many dream of.

Her businesses have been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC and inside the pages of major international publications. She has been invited to speak on stages across the globe — from Stockholm to the Condè Nast Headquarters in her hometown of New York City.

Melanie has also translated her passion and experience into her role as an online educator, helping thousands of people start and grow successful businesses of their own.

She has consulted on digital strategy with major corporations; however, her true mission is to get more people past the million dollar mark in their businesses. Through her courses and community, she shares proven strategies and systems from inside her own businesses that provide people with a real advantage in their marketplace.


When I look at all that Melanie’s accomplished in building her empires (and yes, we’re talking LEGIT multimillion dollar empireS – plural) I reeeeally want to believe she’s been on the planet longer than I have. Truth is, I’m actually a feeeew months older than her (and our littles, Deke and Olivia, are just nine days apart!). #twins

We met through a mutual friend back in 2014 and finally got to meet in person at the 90DY event in Vegas in 2016 (when the babies were just a few months old and the maternity pants were still our fave comfy option for a night out ;)).

I have so much respect for the empire(s) that she and her husband and business partner Devin have created over the past decade and am more than a little obsessed with the (tough love) truth bombs she drops in this episode.

SERIOUSLY – you may *think* it could be de-motivating to listen to a mama who’s already built her (Insta-perfect) empires to baller status. Let me assure you: It’s anything BUT.

If you’re anything like me, listening to this episode will light a FIRE under your booty bum, empowering you to take a step back and CHOOSE to design a business that truly supports the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

It’s a must-listen, all the way to the end.


  • How #teamduncan designed their businesses with future family in mind
  • What surprised her about having 24-hour live-in care (AKA misconceptions on “nanny life”)
  • #toughlove: why it’s actually LAZY to do everything in your business
  • How building a dream team is like designing a dream home (seriously valuable hiring tips!)
  • How even though her Insta sure looks perfect, she’s anything BUT a perfectionist
  • The value of GRACE (in life AND business)
  • How she structures her work days (+ how that changed when O was born)
  • Why she “bows down” to mamas building empires with little ones in tow
  • The importance of learning from your failures
  • Permission to do this YOUR way, even if you’ve never see it done “this way” before


“We always wanted to start a business that would allow us to cultivate and design our life.”

“Even though putting systems in place isn’t super fun, it’s what’s going to allow you to be able to have that fun and flexibility later on.”

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” (quoting her husband + biz partner, Devin)


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