Jen Kem on the Power of Resilience, Reflection, & Protecting the Asset [NE 020]

Jennifer “Jen” Kem is the founder of Seen, Heard, and Paid Live (SHP Live) and creator of the popular brand thought leadership program, Master Brand™ and the only launch implementation incubator in the biz, Momentum Pro™. For 18 years, Jen has been working with the Fortune 500 (Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oracle and others) to launch products and develop brand strategies, using the proprietary and powerful Brand Archetype Indicator Mix (AIM) framework being used by hundreds of marketing teams and entrepreneurs alike.

Known as the CEO Whisperer, her ability to connect messaging and positioning with the psychology of client attraction, leading teams and building brand authority is called upon by dozens of thought leaders, best-selling authors, internet marketers, celebrities and speakers. Her passion is helping people create a legacy through aligning their values with their prosperity.

As CEO of 3 companies that support the end-to-end brand experience, her ability to both creatively capture the essence of and while scaling companies is one of the reasons she created SHP Live – to help small business owners and entrepreneurs choose and execute what they need to build and grow their brand impact and authority. She lives, works, plays and slays in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband, 3 kids and 3 dogs.


Jen and I finally met (online) through our mutual biz buddy and friendtor Dan Martell – although we’ve been living 10 minutes away from each other for years!

NOTE: I’m actually speaking at her Seen, Heard, and Paid LIVE event coming up in Austin in April (2017, at the time I’m writing this – here’s the scoop if you wanna come see us ;)).

My #alohafridays are numbered, so as often as we can, we meet up on Friday mornings while B’s at school to walk and talk and catch up on whatever’s going on.

Her story is ridiculously inspiring, her personality packs a (fun, feisty, always real) punch, and her business brilliance is CLEAR.

I love hearing her perspective on life, business, and all things in between…and now you can too 🙂


  • What it’s like having kids / friends in two seasons of life (had her daughters in her early 20s, her son in late 30s)
  • How she felt like a total weirdo growing up in Hawaii as a five-year-old who loved to listen to Wayne Dyer and NPR
  • The story of how and why her first marriage deteriorated (+ what she learned from it)
  • How she made the shift from corporate exec to entrepreneur – San Francisco Bay Area to Honolulu
  • Right time, right place, right niche: lessons from building – and losing – a multi-million dollar brick-and-mortar empire in Hawaii (+ why she says she’ll never do it again)
  • How she went “from baller status to being scared for [her] life” – the power of the “bounce-back” muscle
  • Why focusing on self and personal development was the KEY for her
  • Quality over quantity – making the CHOICE to say YES to having it all… and knowing it doesn’t all have to be equal
  • One secret to success in her second marriage (+ transitioning to a blended family with teenagers and a baby)


I came straight out of my mother’s womb wanting to build an empire.”

“Leadership of others starts with leadership of SELF.”

“Prioritize the pursuit of ANY. thing. over the pursuit of EVERYTHING.”

“If I do one or two great things today for ME, everything else is bonus.”

“We all will screw up sometimes. That’s going to happen. But most of the time you’re actually doing a great job!”


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