Lana Shlafer on Life Mastery + The Power of Alignment [NE 049]

Lana Shlafer is a mindset coach, speaker and founder of the Master Your Life Academy. She studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and is a trained success coach and certified yoga teacher.

Through her videos, meditations, courses and events, Lana has helped thousands turn pain to gain, manifest miracles and master their lives. Over 15,000 people have joined her Manifesting Challenges and experienced extraordinary breakthroughs and manifestations.

Lana has been featured on television and in popular publications such as TVOne, NPR and The Huffington Post. She resides in Southern California with her three kids and husband, and is working on her first book. Learn more at


I invited Lana to share her story on the show because I really admire how she shows up in the world – fully herself, owning the ups and the downs, boldly sharing the journey all along the way.

(I’m also super inspired by her story about delivering her twins at HOME, 33 hours apart! I’ll link to that below because it’s a wow.)

We originally connected years ago near the start of my business – the power of mutual Facebook groups! – but this was our first real-time conversation.


  • Lana’s story + how each chapter has brought her to where / who she is today
  • Why she calls her practice “life mastery” (+ what it really means to her)
  • Lana’s #momgoals – the practices + behaviors she aims to model for her kiddos
  • Her keys to “feet-on-the-ground” manifestation (+ her experiences in the hot seat with Abraham Hicks)
  • A couple of my fave micro-manifestation stories (because it’s easy not to have resistance around nail polish + Christmas lights)
  • When + why resistance can be a GOOD thing
  • A powerful lesson around letting GO
  • Why / how allowing support has literally shifted + evolved how Lana looks at motherhood



Ask yourself / journal on your own life experiences / divine breadcrumbs.

Which of those experiences / lessons were key to bringing you to who / where you are today? CELEBRATE THAT ISH. Then tag me @nikkielledgebrown so I can too. 


“I was able to achieve a lot of outer success, but I felt miserable on the inside.”

“The thing I care about most is raising human beings. Once I’ve taken it on, I want to do a damn good job!”

“It was really important to me to provide that kind of emotional well-being for my kids that I feel like I didn’t get.”

“Anytime you make manifestation serious, you’re literally adding resistance to a process that would be way faster if you didn’t add that.”

“Change is necessary for growth. It’s a healthy thing and a good thing.”

“Energy is not destroyed or created, it’s just transformed.”




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