Ticora Davis

Ticora Davis on Protecting Your Smarts + Creating in Faith [NE 071]

Ticora Davis is an intellectual property advocate, attorney, author, speaker, wifey and mama to two toddlers. Her life’s passion is to push people into their purpose and help them protect their big ideas along the way.

She founded The Creator’s Law Firm in 2017 to help experts and entrepreneurs protect their brands so they can grow their businesses with peace of mind. Then, launched Business Bakerie in 2019 to put the best legal tools and business training into the hands of up-and-coming business owners.

Her work has been featured on VH1, Black Enterprise, and in partnership with Facebook. The Creator’s Law Firm has helped hundreds of business owners secure their brand and proudly boasts a 98.5% success rate for trademark registrations.


  • how being laid off after having her son sparked her to a new level of success
  • her experience applying for (over 100!) jobs, facing depression and imposter syndrome
  • the divine message that inspired her to go out on her own
  • why she describes preparation as the highest form of faith
  • the story of when VH1 came calling when she’d JUST opened her new firm
  • her tips for dismantling perfectionism and activating courage
  • what inspired her to write her first book, Planted to Produce
  • shifting from hustle mode to leading a super-capable team



Loved hearing her story and how she went AFTER her vision. Writing it into existence. Doing the work and applying for over 100 jobs and staying open to building her own dreams. If it’s been a while since you let yourself admit what you want to create OUT LOUD – use this as your inspo.

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“What I love about entrepreneurship — we literally have these ideas in our head and we’re like, this is what I want to do and I’m going to do it. And we create things that never existed before.”

“Doubt can be a gift. It can be one of those things that shields you and presses you and pushes you to move and do something amazing.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The highest form of faith is preparation.”

“I look back at everything and I’m like, what if I just would’ve sat in fear? What if I just would have just sat there and been arrested by the fear of the unknown, not knowing what’s going to happen, not launching and settling, settling for a place in a position that I knew I was greater than?”

“Things were still getting done and I didn’t have to do…I didn’t have to be present like I was before. I could literally just pause.”





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