Tamsen Horton on Popsicle Sticks, Playlists, and Living a Vacationing Life [NE 012]

Just like you, there is no shortage of the different roles that Tamsen takes on in any given day. She has seamlessly blended her roles as a mother, business executive, and lawyer to give her the unique perspective and platform to not simply talk about ideas and how to create them but also how to make sure that what you are working so hard to build is safely protected: personally and professionally.

She recently released her debut book, Easy As PB&J, with her husband Chris where they use their stories to help you learn how to share what you know and make money doing it. She truly enjoys connecting with like-minded and inspired individuals, so please feel free to reach out through social media or via email and let her know how she can serve you.   


Tamsen and I originally met when she signed up as a founding member during my first launch of A Course About Copy. We became fast friends and since then she’s been my go-to legal counsel, helping me secure all those little TMs and circle Rs you see on my trademarks, like Naptime Empires™, A Course About Copy®, and The Communication Stylist®.

Our boys are the same age, which makes our friendship even MORE fun – and seriously… it blows my mind that we haven’t met in person YET. But I know it’s coming and it’s gonna be good.

I wanted to invite her on the show because ONE – she’s been with me from #naptimeempires idea conception! – and TWO – because she’s got a unique and incredibly refreshing take on life.

I’m honored to introduce you to one of my most trusted biz buddies, the brilliant Tamsen Horton.


  • How baby #1 inspired her to shift her traditional legal career (to one that’s anything BUT)
  • How a tragic loss inspired her fam to live their #vacationinglife
  • Actionable, practical tips to create a life you don’t want to escape from
  • How she uses popsicle sticks to run a happy house (no nagging required)
  • The 3Qs she asks before taking on a new project
  • Her foolproof time blocking system (+ how one word makes all the difference)
  • What she does when it all goes to poop (hint: it rhymes with shmusic)
  • How to find the “cash machine” between your ears (her PB&J story)
  • Permission to learn from / with those who resonate with you


“I organize everything; I like being really efficient, but in a way that people don’t really notice”
“You can create your family’s freedom legacy, your family’s wealth legacy; we all have that in us”
“As the mom, you are the guru and you know yourself and your family better than anyone else.”


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