Racheal Cook on Allowing Yourself to be Supported [NE 028]

Racheal Cook, MBA is a green smoothie enthusiast, restorative yoga advocate, and award winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurs can grow their dream businesses while living their dream lives, right now.

After experiencing debilitating anxiety and burnout in her former life in the traditional corporate world, Racheal walked away from a lucrative consulting career and onto a yoga mat. Months later, she married her passion for yoga and business acumen by launching The Yogipreneur, a boutique consultancy teaching the yoga of business and mindful marketing.

Since launching TheYogipreneur.com in 2008 and RachealCook.com in 2014, she’s built two multiple six-figure businesses inspiring over 20,000 entrepreneurs around the world to create profitable, sustainable businesses they can be proud of, all while navigating the beautiful chaos of raising three kids, two kittens, and one cocker spaniel with her husband Jameson.


Racheal’s one of the few biz buddies I’ve met TWICE in real life. (Can count ‘em on one hand.)

We first met in online – likely through DSG’s Create Awesome Online Courses crowd, then met IRL in Dallas, when I was eight weeks pregnant with Deke and speaking at Nathalie Lussier’s Off the Charts Live event.

(Fun fact: Racheal knew I was pregnant before my husband did! Ha – he was under the sea till I was nine weeks along. Had to tell a FEW people that week.)

I’ll never forget a convo we had in Dallas about being “high maintenance” – which (as she shares in the episode) is really just about owning what you need and ASKING FOR IT. Which is totally okay.

I heard about her support in life and business and felt totally inspired. You will too.


  • How she explains what she does to the carpool crew (parents who aren’t familiar with the online business world / rabbit hole ;))
  • How she manages to work with three kiddos + a husband at home
  • The value of getting really clear on what’s most important
  • Tips for moms of multiples (#twinmom)
  • Dealing with post-partum depression + lack of sleep in the early months
  • How she let herself start back slowly (10 hours / month) while figuring out the mom thing
  • How she approached her second maternity leave (integrating lessons from her first)
  • The value of building a solid foundation with a great 1:1 service, then scaling from there
  • The importance of literally talking with people
  • The value in choosing the right partner
  • How she shifted from super-controlling to asking for (+ receiving) support
  • What she and her husband did to prep for the transition to 100% entrepreneurship


“Being intentional is everything.”

“Choose your priority. Don’t let someone else choose it for you.”

“I knew I needed that year to transition.”

“All this perfection crap has got to go. Just let it go. We don’t need to be perfect. We can just be human.”

“Make it as simple as you can.”


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