Natalie Gouché on Giving Yourself Space to Create [NE 014]

Natalie Gouché is a social media marketing trainer based out of Los Angeles, California. She uses her expertise in marketing to help others master the new age of communication.

In 2008 Natalie started her career in social media as a frustrated small business owner looking to expand her global reach. She used social media to attract customers, grow sales in her health business and brand her name. In less than six months Natalie was able to quit her corporate job and triple her income using only online strategies.

In 2010 she founded L.A. Social Media Trainer Inc. and decided to train and empower others on how to effectively use the social media marketing platform to grow their businesses. Today she can be found around Los Angeles speaking and teaching, doing webinars for her international clients, and hosting her signature program called Market My Vision: The step-by-step course for solopreneurs to learn how to authentically market their business and profit, solely using social media.


I mean… you already know the answer to this is gonna be Facebook. 😛

I spent a LOT of time on FB in the summer of 2014 as part of a live “summer school” launch of A Course About Copy®. Late one night I found myself clicking on and admiring Natalie’s Mogul Mom presence on FB – only to see she’d joined DSG’s Create Awesome Online Courses FB group right at that moment. #meanttobe

I jumped in to welcome her to the party, she added me as a friend, we set up a Skype date to chat, and became biz buddies from there. (Later she taught me all about Zoom, which is what I used to record all these convos :))

Fast forward to now – I STILL love to follow her life + biz on Facebook (one of my fave hashtags of hers is #marriageissexy ;)) – and I bet you will too.

Team Gouché is a shining example of the power of living from your purpose and keeping it real along the way.


  • How her daughter inspired her to start a biz (while working full time + going to school)
  • What she learned in network marketing that helped her 3x her full-time income
  • How getting a job for a year helped her GROW her social media training business
  • The power of giving yourself enough SPACE to create
  • Why she hired a 1:1 coach
  • How taking Fridays off changed the game for her
  • The power of filling your cup (and BEING vs. DOING)
  • Showing up as a leader in your fam + community
  • How she nurtures her daughter’s interests (entrepreneurial + otherwise)


“She ultimately was the reason why I started a business. She’s the reason behind it all, really.”

“I realized that this doesn’t come as easy to everyone else as it does for me and that’s when I thought, okay…this is something that I want to do.”


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