Morgan MacDonald on Making the Most of the Season You’re In [NE 018]

Morgan is a writing coach and editor of nonfiction writing. She works with entrepreneurs and platform builders who want to publish a book that levels up their business and platform. She helps writers tap into their bold message, shape the words so they resonate with the reader, and produce a book that impacts the world. Morgan is the founder and managing editor of Paper Raven Books, where she and her team of top-notch editors and proofreaders shape and polish first drafts into powerful, publishable manuscripts.


I met Morgan years ago …on Facebook, of course ;)… LIKELY through our mutual biz buddy Susan Ferraro. I don’t quite remember.

We’ve yet to meet in person, BUT since I’m about to move back to Houston where she’s currently residing with her four kiddos and husband, you can BET we will have plenty of #naptimeempires play dates and mamas’ days OUT in our future.

NOTE: We recorded this when she was still pregnant with baby #4, now baby Zelda is HERE and Morgan is still rockin’ out, writing a book on their great adventure with Z by her side 🙂


  • When she knew stay-at-home life was not for her (+ when working-away-from-home wasn’t either)
  • What she would’ve done differently if starting over
  • How to write a non-spammy email to friends + family to increase referrals
  • Her go-to process for finding quality childcare *anywhere in the world* (she traveled with 3 littles for 6 months!)
  • A SUPER-helpful reframe on the ROI of childcare in the early (pre-revenue) days
  • How she shifted from having a sitter one day a week to feeling totally spoiled by a dream nanny who helps with laundry, house cleaning four days a week
  • Tips for managing your “most important things” list
  • How she and her husband work together to co-create their ideal lifestyle


“(Staying at home) did not feel like the right, aligned path for me.”

“You’ve just got to keep setting aside those hours and trust that you’re moving in some direction, even if it doesn’t feel like it every day.”

“Take that patience and gratefulness you’ve learned from raising children and give it to yourself and your business.”


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