Laura Roeder on Systems, Saas, and Social Media Scheduling [NE 051]

Laura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, a social media automation tool designed to prevent status updates from going to waste. Laura has given talks at conferences like BlogHer and South by Southwest, and has spoken about the value of independent entrepreneurship at the White House. She’s also appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, CNET, and other major publications.


Laura and I first met online back in 2013. That’s a long time ago in online biz years. Obviously a lot has happened since then!

I’m super inspired by how she’s built her businesses – how she runs her company in terms of values and culture. I wanted to spotlight Laura’s story because 1) she’s an amazing example of a founder who’s kicking SaaS WHILE also having young kiddos, and 2) her take on team building, contractors vs. employees, and work environment, will help you see what’s possible when you dream (think, plan) bigger.

And to be honest – I don’t know that we do that often enough.


  • How Laura’s business has shifted and developed over the years and the way she’s prepping for baby #2
  • What motivated her to originally start a SAAS company
  • The biggest advice she would give to “mom to be” entrepreneurs
  • How Laura structured MeetEdgar to allow her to take time off after the birth of her first child
  • Her best hiring tips and thoughts on hiring contractors versus full-time employees
  • How to systematize your business when you’re a personal brand but need some time off
  • How to use automation software for social media while not losing the connection with your community
  • What makes MeetEdgar so unique and what the typical user of their software looks like
  • What her new company, Ropig is all about and what it offers to software developers
  • How to set yourself up for success as an entrepreneur – with flexibility
  • What bothers Laura most about how female entrepreneurs are viewed today



“I did find that for me, I could not do mom time and work time at the same time.” SO VALUABLE TO KNOW AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT – whatever works for you or DOESN’T – be honest about it and get creative to get the support you need.

“We want to free up your time to be able to do the human parts.” << loved that reframe on scheduling social media as conversation STARTERS, knowing you (or someone on your team) will dive in to engage and do those human parts.

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“I always knew that I wanted to have kids and some point and that always is something that motivated me as an entrepreneur.”

“I did find that for me, I could not do mom time and work time at the same time.”

“We want to free up your time to be able to do the human parts.”

“Focus on what you want to build and ignore everyone else.”




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