Jo Milmine on Podcasting with (Your Actual) Personality [NE 026]

Jo Milmine works with people who love running their creative business and desperately want to take the next steps to grow it, but can’t figure out how to carve out enough time in their busy day to do so, or simply don’t know where to start.

She’s got over ten years of management experience where she’s consistently exceeded performance targets in diverse sectors including defence and charity/third sector. Jo’s also successfully managed multi-million pound assets in incredibly pressured, safety-critical environments.

Jo’s built her own creative business, The Golden Skein, which has been featured in industry press such as The Knitter. In August 2012, she became the voice of the Shinybees podcast, a podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures.

NOTE: She doesn’t have this listed in her bio yet, but Shinybees won the New Media Europe award for BEST UK PODCAST in 2016. Hello. And the Most Engaged Audience the year before that.



Seriously. Jo and I met online and then in person in VEGAS, baby – at the 90 Day Year event.

We hit it off, took a selfie (as you do) and have become good buddies in the year since.

Once I knew I was going the podcast route we scheduled a Skype chat so I could soak up her wisdom from years of doing things HER way. One thing I’ll never forget is how she gave me permission to keep it ease-y and low pressure – for YOU, the listener, and for me.

She helped me imagine you there in a chair in the dark while nursing, or hands full doing laundry, making dinner, whatever you might be doing. I don’t want you to feel like you’ve gotta run and grab a notebook to jot stuff down. I’m aiming for a FEELING of connectedness, reassurance, and encouragement.

Based on the feedback I’ve seen so far, we’re NAILING IT.

Thanks for your friendtorship on this one, Jo.

#also – if you’re thinking of starting your own podcast, she’s put together a super-helpful checklist for you. Click here to grab it. She’s super fun to learn from.


  • How she started her (award-winning) podcast while stationed in (super) rural South Africa
  • The surprising truth about the secret world of knitting
  • How her podcast inspired her first membership business
  • The power of knowing who you’re talking to
  • How she made the most of naptime + short preschool days
  • Why friends don’t let friends work (or knit) when sleep-deprived
  • The value of storytelling + experimentation
  • Tips for handling MOVES with little ones (as a military fam, they’ve moved 7x!)
  • How she gets her kiddos involved in the business
  • Her previous career (we’re talkin’ life + death fast jet aircraft) compares to parenting, podcasting, and entrepreneurship
  • How she’s overcome the self-imposed #momguilt trap
  • The value in face-to-face connections


“The podcast definitely allowed me to have an audience of people who already liked me and trusted me.”

“Don’t knit when you’re too tired or you’re too drunk.”

“You know what, I do me really really well and I like funny knitting patterns and I like telling funny stories that happened in my life. Don’t try and be someone else.”

“I think we are really over critical both from a parenting perspective and a business perspective of what we put out and what other people think.”


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