Jill Stanton on Adding a Baby to the Business Mix [NE 041]

Jill Stanton is the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five—her and her husband, Josh’s slice of the internet where they help entrepreneurs attract more attention to their brands, make more money in their businesses and get more out of their lives through simple strategies, how tos and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the realities of building a business online.

She’s got an inappropriate love for trashy tv, has the mouth of a sailor and isn’t afraid of a tall glass of gin. (When she’s not pregnant.)


Years ago Jill + Josh had me on THEIR [Screw the Nine to Five] podcast, then we stayed in touch via FB, got to hug in real life in San Diego last year, then had some amazing late night visits at Mastermind Talks in Carmel.

Whether we’re iMessaging or FaceTiming while I organize my pantry, she’s become one part of my treasured cabinet of friendtors. This is one of my fave (recorded) convos to date because we cover SO MUCH. (This is the stuff I love chatting with buddies about behind the scenes every week!)

We recorded this convo during a magic window of time when she was 38 weeks pregnant (ended up going to 42+ before their little man Kai made his arrival).

As a first-time expectant mom who already had a growing biz in play, she brings a unique POV to the #naptimeempires convo.


  • Simple reframe (+ book recs!) that take a whole lot of pressure off of parenting
  • How she + Josh started their biz journey the week of their wedding
  • Why the “niche till it hurts” advice just never felt right
  • The “a ha” moment that Jill had recently around her business, its vision and their goals
  • How she sees the whole online business world evolving, and what people are really looking for right now
  • Why Jill is giving herself permission to unbutton her biz pants 😛
  • Why bigger isn’t always better (the power of actual engagement)
  • What it’s really like to run a growing business while pregnant
  • Permish to take a BREATH (+ why it’s so hard for us to do that sometimes)
  • What Jill is excited about now + her ideal vision for life as a fam of three
  • Tips for success working with your partner in life and biz



“People are looking for resonance and transparency. They just want to know they’re not the only ones feeling the feels.”

“If we can build businesses and go through the emotional turmoil that is entrepreneurship, then we can have a baby or two.”

“There’s so much more that goes into entrepreneurship than making some dollars online.”

“I felt like I had a vice grip on things because I needed to control the outcome, and it never worked out for me.”

“It’s been a big lesson for me in taking a breath.”

“I’m not gonna not have support.”


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