you’ve ever forgotten to mute yourself while feeding a noisy infant on a live call….


you’ve ever had to reschedule a client call because you forgot about the pumpkin patch field trip…


you’ve ever wondered if all that comes along with this build-a-biz-while-raising-humans adventure is WORTH IT…

Pull up an earbud and get comfy, mamaface.

You’re in the right place.

I’m Nikki Elledge Brown, host of the Naptime Empires™ podcast – refreshingly honest conversations on the intersection of parenthood + entrepreneurship.

The idea for Naptime Empires™ came to me in the form of a divine download years ago. To be honest (and why wouldn’t I be?)… I don’t REALLY know what it is yet.

For now, it’s a conversation, currently in podcast and FB group form – where we can talk about the real-life stuff – the good, the bad, the ugly that comes with building an empire with little ones in tow.

Intrigued? Enthused?
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