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Holly Gillen on Making Videos That Connect [NE 068]

Holly Gillen of Holly G Studios helps high performing leading ladies save time on both sides of the camera by teaching them the skills they need to create not just video, but Business Cinema™. Videos with a plan, purpose, system, and strategy. Videos that move your business forward and have a bigger purpose. (She’s also a mom to two little guys and a biz buddy I’ve known since the start.)


Holly and I met in a mutual FB group when we were both getting started in 2013. Our first chance to meet in person was a year or so later,  when Bryson and I headed to Connecticut where Jeremy was doing some Navy training we got to meet up in real life. (Nothing better.)

In 2016 when I had a vision to bring to life with our mutual friend Sarah Ashman – Holly was the videographer on set for the Naptime Empires photoshoot in DC. The videos she captured are PRICELESSSSS to me. It’s one thing to have pics, but video obviously adds so much more feeling. The clips double as super-handy B-roll and home videos.

(Thank you again for making that trip for us, Holly!)


  • How Holly’s business shifted after the birth of each of her sons
  • How to stand out by showcasing who you are through the use of video
  • Why video is the easiest and fastest way to create connections with people (especially during when so many people are missing in person social connection!)
  • Holly’s fave apps to boost your productivity and focus
  • Fun ideas for how she incorporated video collabs during her maternity leave
  • The four pillars of pre-production (how to get started with video)
  • Ideas for repurposing video (to make the most of your efforts)



If you haven’t tried video in a while (or ever), check out Holly’s video challenge and her Youtube channel for tips to help you dissolve your fear of pressing record. IDEA: You could feed multiple birds with one hand and do an INSTA STORY and tag us both so we can see and celebrate you!

We’re @hollygstudios and  @nikkielledgebrown.

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“Video is your voice. It’s your personality. It’s your tone. It’s the way you talk. It’s the words you use. It is your personality. It’s how people connect and relate to you.”

“It is my meditation. It’s my happy place to recharge.”

“Nobody starts out great. I tell people you need to make 100 terrible videos.”

“I help people realize that it’s okay for you to be exactly who you are on camera as you are in in person and you are enough as you are.”

“I equate it to watching roses bloom. It’s literally that beautiful for me…the transformations that occur during these 15 day challenges.”


Sunsama App (Holly’s affiliate link)

From Start to Star Challenge



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