Gena Jaffe

Gena Jaffe on Motherhood + Mental Health [NE 072]

Gena (pronounced “jenna”) is a mom to two reciprocal IVF babes, wife to her wife Jordana, and serial entrepreneur. She was a corporate lawyer in NYC until she started her own law practice in Jan 2014. She then started a mama blog after the birth of her son Parker and 2 years ago, became a fitness + wellness coach after being a nationally competitive gymnast for 15 years. but of all the things she has done and all the awards she has won, “mommy” is her very favorite title of all.


  • What sparked her shift from the traditional corporate attorney route to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How she and Jordana tag-team working + parenting from home
  • Their experience with reciprocal IVF
  • What it was like delivering during the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic
  • Her experience with postpartum anxiety – what helped her, plus ideas for supporting loved ones going through it
  • How she’s shifted approach to business in the early months (years) of motherhood (+ a super smart strategy for being of service without actually taking on new clients)



If you’re pregnant or know someone who is (or recently had a baby), take time for a check in. Gena shared her experience with postpartum anxiety and some of her personal mental health savers – what are yours?

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“I had to be okay with not getting things done before like 8:00 PM. There’s just so much that you can’t predict, and I had to learn to be okay with that.”

“I had never even heard of postpartum anxiety. I’d only known about postpartum depression.”

“For me, fitness has always been a mental health saver. So I knew that I wanted to get back into that as quickly as possible.”

“Showering every day…it’s so funny how something so simple is like the most joyous, wondrous experience after you have a child.”

“I show up for the people I need to show up for. And I say no to a lot of other things. And I refer a lot of business out actually, because I to be with my babies and I want to spend time with them.  And I know that at this moment in time that these people would be better served by somebody else who can give them a lot more attention.”



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