Elsa Isaac

Elsa Isaac on Style as Self-Expression [NE 069]

Elsa Isaac is a NYC-based fashion + image stylist who believes style is really all about self-expression.

A seasoned pro with 17 + years in the fashion industry, the east African-born stylist has built quite a noteworthy portfolio, having bestowed her stylish magic on everyone from Marie Forleo to Lenny Kravitz; Katie Couric to Kris Carr. Nowadays, she helps successful career women + entrepreneurs revamp their wardrobes + create show-stopping ensembles that flatter their unique body shape and lifestyles.

A self-dubbed anti-fashion stylist. Elsa doesn’t believe there’s one standard of beauty + strives to empower all her clients to celebrate their own individuality.

Learn more about Elsa’s extensive styling skills + fresh perspective on fashion over at www.elsaisaac.com


Elsa and I met the good old fashioned way (Facebook!), as is the case with many of my biz buddies!

We have gotten to meet and play in real life not once but TWICE – first in Vegas, and most recently in Brooklyn, where we enjoyed a delightful moms’ night out convo that may or may not have lasted for five hours. I love and so appreciate her real and refreshing approach to family, style, and beauty and have a feeling you will too. Enjoy!


  • Reflections from her first years of motherhood (+ the challenges that came with ’em)
  • How to change how you feel in your clothes without needing to completely overhaul your closet
  • Elsa’s best tips for identifying and dressing for your unique body shape
  • How to make off-the-rack clothes feel completely custom to YOU 
  • How she helps her clients and students catch up to “the magnificence of this moment” in their lives and careers
  • Why we should never underestimate the power of a closet cleanse



Take some time this week to scan your current closet or wardrobe. Set a timer for five or 10 minutes and find at least one or two items you KNOW no longer reflect who you are and how you want to show up in the world (even if right now the world doesn’t get to see you much). Maybe they don’t fit your current body, style, or vision… whatever it is, if they’re in good condition, make a plan to donate them or sell them. Give yourself that gift of shifting energy!

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“I can do this differently and still succeed.”

“It’s faster and it’s more effective to have an outside perspective to see you in the way that you want to be seen.”

“A lot of times we have this like skewed perception, and mirrors can be tricky”

“We’re always focused on what we think we should look like in garments instead of pointing it back towards us”

“And then you end up with all these garments in your closet that you don’t wear with tags still on them because you were never connected to it in the first place.”


Signature Style Mastery: Elsa’s DIY Style Course



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