Draft. Edit. Repeat. (My Process to Date) [NE 077]

Context matters. Before I can actually UPDATE you on book progress, I gotta catch you up to speed on where we’re starting from. How we got to the current moment / draft in time.

In this episode I’ll share an overview of my personal writing (drafting, revising) process to date, including, but not limited to:

  • how and why I chose Naptime Empires as my first book (with a squillion other ideas circulating)
  • what prompted the first draft back in April 2020
  • the exact process I used to go from 0 to 94k words in 12 days
  • why I stopped working on it for months after that
  • what got me back in the editing saddle (courtesy of Mother Nature’s #nofilter sense of humor)
  • the perks o’ not meeting my original goal publish date
  • how working on my book has been a boost to my physical health
  • ideas for future episodes (share your vote via naptimeempires.com/convo!)

If you have no plans to write a book, this may not be your fave ep. It’s very housekeeping-y and in the weeds.

If you DO want to write (or have already written!) a book, howev, my hope is that hearing takeaways from my own messy process will help give you ideas. And/or confidence. Because it’s entirely possible you’ve really got your author ish together and hearing my journey helps you feel better about yours(elf).

Either way it’s a win in my book / podcast.

Take a listen here or in your fave pod player when you wanna and as always – let me know your fave takeaway by taking a screenshot (or a selfie as you listen) + tagging me on Instagram @nikkielledgebrown with #naptimeempires.

I’ll meet you there!



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