The Difference Between You + “Them” [NE 035]

Ever find yourself on the digi-sidelines watching (what feels like) everyone else building their dream lives / businesses, thinking “that couldn’t be me”? Yeah – me too. And it sucks.

In this episode I’m calling us OUT on that mess so we can jump into the game and have some of our own fun.

Because really. The only difference between you / us and “them” is a DECISION.

Once upon a time, “they” were at zero. No followers, no fans, no subscribers – no videos, no idea what a livestream was.

They didn’t know what would happen. Who would say / think what.

And they went for it anyway.

Baby step, big mama leaps of faith… it all comes back to a decision to go for it.

You are totally capable of making that decision.

Today’s a perfect day for it.

(More in the episode.)




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