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Chrissa Benson on Health, Humor, and Blogging for Business [NE 045]

Chrissa Benson is a fitness enthusiast passionate about cooking EASY, healthy, real-food meals and finding ways to sneak in workouts, all while managing life as a military spouse and mom of two little guys.

She started Physical Kitchness to help others learn efficient ways to do the same with step-by-step workout tutorials, meal planning tips, and family-friendly recipes – all without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.

From being a full-time career woman, a full-time moving-all-the-time military spouse, and a full-time mom, she understands the challenges of a busy schedule and sometimes hectic life. Her goal is to give you tools and advice both in the kitchen and in your home gym (aka the living room), all while keeping a sense of humor and a healthy dose of reality.


As is the case for MOST (literally all) of my biz buddies — Chrissa and I first connected online (thanks, FB!), then in real life at an event in San Diego a couple years back. We share our boy mom connection, our military spouse connection, and our goofy senses of humor.

(Find + follow her Instastories @physicalkitchness to see what I mean. You’ll love her too.)

She’s a super inspiring human who walks her talk — exercising to keep her sanity – genuinely LOVES the work she does (dreaming up actual food recipes is about the farthest thing from my zone of genius) and is making a super meaningful difference in the lives of everyone in her digital orbit.


  • The divine intervention that led Chrissa to starting her business 2.5 years ago and why she saw it as a business (not a hobby) from the very beginning
  • The strategy she’s used to grow her blog to a full-time income
  • Practical tips for picky eaters – kids and grownups alike 😉
  • How her business is evolving (we get into a 1:1 friendtorship sesh here!)
  • How Chrissa manages her own health and prioritizes her self-care with so many irons in the fire
  • What getting more help has really allowed her to do
  • Her social media strategy secrets (+ why she loves Instagram stories so much)
  • What she loves MOST about her biz at this moment (hint: rhymes with funnection)


1. Follow Chrissa (@physicalkitchness) on Instagram – note + get inspired by how she shows up and adds value truly by being herSELF!
2. Ask yourself / journal on: What do I love most about my biz now? What could happen if I focused more on that?


“As glorious, beautiful and amazing as motherhood was, I was very much feeling like a sense of myself was gone.”

“I never started with the intention of having it as a hobby blog. I always started with the intention of ‘this is my business, and I’m going to make it my business.’”

“As a blogger, if you can have direct insight on what your audience’s pain points are, that is a goldmine!”

“Sometimes when you build a brand, you feel like you sort of become that brand.”

“If you could only just tell yourself two years ago what you know now, that’s so powerful.”


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