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Carrie Green on Community-Building and the Power of Visualization [NE 075]

Carrie Green is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association (known as FEA) — an online platform created to support, champion and inspire women all around the world. In 2013 Carrie created the FEA Members’ Club, an international community of thousands of female entrepreneurs building businesses and going after their dreams.

Carrie is also an author of the international bestselling book She Means Business, and her TEDx talk has had over 7.4 million views to date. She’s been featured in The Daily Telegraph, RED Magazine, Stylist, GLAMOUR Magazine, BBC radio and on BBC News, championing entrepreneurship at every level.


She’s also a mom of TWO and one of my dearest friends.

We kind of connected in 2013 when I was invited to share my story in her digi-magazine, but our first real-time conversation was in spring of 2014. Later that summer (after watching this TEDx talk and listening to a few other interviews she’d done) I proposed actual friendship via email – and we’ve been biz buddies ever since.

We’ve collaborated on lots of fun projects and promos since, finally got to meet in real life in May 2017 in California – and now we’re having our daughters within a month or so of each other. (I remember when I whispered “I’m pregnant!” to her via Facetime in January – will never forget the shock when she replied, “ME TOO!”) So fun. Can’t wait till they get to meet in real life – seeing visions of the young female entrepreneur association – big brothers welcome too 😉


  • How, when, and why Carrie started The Members Club – bringing together women who want to turn their ideas and dreams into a successful business
  • Why she created a membership (not just a one-time course) that now serves thousands of entrepreneurs around the world
  • The power of programming your mind with visualization (topic of her TEDx talk!)
  • Lessons in scaling and team-building
  • What the SMELL of success really means
  • Lessons learned from her first pregnancy (+ postpartum business success and struggles)
  • How Carrie fought the mom guilt and her plan and focus for baby number two



If it’s been a while (or forever) since you gave visualization a try, I’m challenging you to do it. She’s got some free downloads on her site – I’ve linked one here in the show notes.

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“I’m so grateful I had the guts to start [the membership site].”

“I finally got over my fear of creating something.”

“I really enjoy showing up and serving those people consistently…it gives me a massive feeling of fulfillment and joy to do that.”

“There were moments of guilt and all those other kinds of crazy thoughts. But the bottom line was, I knew we were taken care of.”

“For me visualization isn’t just about closing your eyes and visualizing something. It’s about feeling something. That’s where the power is.”



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