Ari Hale

Ari Hale on Online Biz Strategy and Traveling with a Toddler [NE 073]

Ari Hale is a business coach for service providers, marketing strategist, and tech nerd who loves to travel and eat around the world with her son, Silas.

In 2020, she helped to co-found The Parkhill Capital Foundation, a non-profit created to prepare and advance Black youth in financial literacy, technology, and education.


Years ago Ari was one of my very first virtual assistants. She blew my mind with how on it and organized she was – I didn’t realize humans could operate at that level! We were pregnant with our boys at the same time and quickly became friends through all the time we spent together. (The boys also became fluent in webinar-ing in utero).

Her support was instrumental to my 2015 “trimester of awesome” and most profitable months of business at that time, and it’s been so inspiring to watch how her business has transformed since then.

Definitely check out the links to her podcasts and the content she’s been creating this year – super practical and incredibly valuable. She’s been around the biz block and KNOWS THINGS, friend.

That’s evident in the results her clients get when they #listentoari!


  • How she got started in online business as a virtual assistant
  • The #1 mistake she made when starting out (+ what she advises her students to do differently)
  • How the birth of her son sparked a transformation from self-described “workaholic” identity
  • How she traveled through Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia while working and momming her toddler
  • Top launch tips she learned while managing some of the internet’s splashiest promos
  • How she’s leveraged Twitter to launch her own personal biz coaching and consulting brand and build her email list
  • What she’s up to now – sharing her skills, knowledge, and marketing gems with others interested in starting and scaling their own online businesses



What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but thought you couldn’t because you’ve got a young kiddo at home? How / in what form could you give it a go anyway? Let yourself dream!

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“A  huge mistake I made and regret was that I didn’t start list building or audience building when I first got started, even though I felt like I had nothing to talk about.”

“I had to shift things because he asked me if he could have three mommies. OUCH. Okay. I can make some changes.”

“My clients are aware that I have a son and they’re very cool about it.”

“Everything’s not going to get figured out. What you need in the moment it’s going to unravel and show itself when you need it.”




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