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Adrienne Dorison on Building a Business That Runs Like Clockwork™ [NE 064]

Adrienne Dorison is the Co-Founder of Run Like Clockwork™ alongside her business partner, Mike Michalowicz, where she equips CEOs to design a business + team that can run like clockwork. Adrienne has spent the past 10+ years in the field of operational efficiency, and has since created the most simplistic approach to making your business ultra-efficient.

She’s personally passionate about baking in generosity into business models, + believes when we earn more money, we can give more away. Adrienne lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband + their new baby girl, Kit, and 2 cute pups.


I first met Adrienne online years ago when she was hosting a biz and parenting series on her first podcast, The School of Self Mastery. We soon became biz buddies, met IRL at a few events, vacationed together on the Big Island, and most recently – bonded over #naptimeempires life and all that comes with it! She became a mama in January of this year (2020 as we’re recording this) and I love hearing how that’s shifted her perspectives and practices of efficiency in life and biz.


  • What it means to build a business that runs like clockwork
  • The value of having practices and policies in place not just for holidays but for life events like babies, illnesses, family emergencies, etc.
  • The most common blocks and obstacles business owners have when it comes to creating operational efficiency and systems
  • How Adrienne and her team Clockworked their own business for her maternity leave (+ what that actually looked like)
  • The importance of recognizing how different efficiency may look depending on the season of life you’re in
  • What “queen bee role” (QBR) is in your business and how to use it to simplify and streamline
  • The “bare mini” plan – Adrienne’s top tips if you’re planning for a major life event (like a new baby) – how to set your biz up to run and thrive without your direct involvement



If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend buying the Clockwork book (I’ve got a hard copy for looking at the models / frameworks / checklists and the Audible version for ease-of-inspo!). Listen to a few more of Adrienne’s interviews and clarify your business’ QBR. Get your gears turning on simple things you could start doing TODAY to help free yourself up from the day to day details in your business, and get going. You deserve that piece of mind!

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“Efficiency is not static; it’s dynamic.”

“Promise clients the show will go on without you there”

“The captain of the ship (CEO) needs to be steering and guiding, he can’t be down in the engine room shoveling coal”

“I am so much of an advocate for the Clockworking business for if you are a mom or going to be a mom”

“If you start doing the 1% everyday you are going to get there, and it’s going to create so much freedom for you”



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